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Haier Thermocool Washing Machine HWD120-B1558 12KG DUO

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Doing laundry has now become a daily housekeeping task. It takes not only time and effort but also a lot of space to ensure proper air drying of the wet clothes. Weather is also a major factor to be considered when planning for laundry, as a bad weather can be a big hassle when it’s time for laundry.

Imagine washing your clothes in mid-June when the rain would just give up. Well, no worries again because the Haier Thermocool Washer Dryer Combo 12kg Washing machine is here to end all your laundry troubles. This amazing duo washer allows you to wash, rinse, spin or dry your laundry separately or at the same time using any of its 18 brilliant wash programs.

The UNIQUE WASHER DRYER COMBO is incredibly easy to use and allows you to enjoy a full load of washing and drying, complete from start to finish, in one go. It is more energy efficient compared to stand alone washer and dryers.

The Haier Thermocool Washer Dryer Combo 12kg Washing machine features a huge 12KG WASH CAPACITY large enough to contain more laundry load in a single wash. Saving you time, effort and water in the long run. It is more economical and efficient than smaller washers and can lower your water and electricity bills by a significant lot.

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