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LG 260 Liters Double Door Refrigerator | REF 292 RLBN

  • Non frost
  • silver
  • wire shelves
  • 10 years warranty on linear compressor
  • 260 L
  • R600 Gas

299,500.00 310,000.00



Let me break it down for you in simple terms. This fridge is super cool because it’s silver and doesn’t have frost. Instead of using ice to keep your food cold, it has a special direct cooling feature that cools everything evenly and quickly. Other fridges with frost don’t cool as evenly, so your food might not stay fresh.

The door cooling and linear cooling features make this fridge even better. They make sure your food gets cooled fast and evenly. The air flows all around the fridge, so every corner gets nice and cool. The door cooling feature also keeps the temperature the same between the door and the inside of the fridge. The linear cooling feature keeps the temperature just right for your food, not too hot or too cold. It’s like a perfect balance!

The moist balance crisper is great for your veggies. It’s a big box that can hold a lot of vegetables. It keeps the moisture from one veggie from getting on the others. Instead, the moisture stays on the special patterned box, so your veggies stay fresh and strong.

The deodorizer is a cool feature too. It works with something called HygieneFresh+ to make the air in the fridge 99.9% bacteria-free. It also gets rid of any stinky smells from spoiled food. So your food stays in the best condition.

And guess what? This fridge has a special LED lamp that lasts a really long time. It’s way better than the regular lamps in other fridges. Plus, it doesn’t overheat.

So, this LG 260L refrigerator is pretty awesome. It keeps your food cool, fresh, and bacteria-free. And it has cool features like direct cooling, door cooling, linear cooling, a moist balance crisper, a deodorizer, and a long-lasting LED lamp. It’s the perfect fridge for all your food needs!

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