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LG 55 Inches OLED 4K TV | TV 55 C1PVB


  • 55” OLED AI THINQ ,
  • 4K,Built In Satellite Receiver,
  • SMART,
  • 3USB, AV,4 HDMI,
  • Magic Remote,
  • DTV

885,000.00 900,000.00




Just sit down on your beautiful white or black sofa and enjoy the great picture quality and experience that this 55 inches 4K OLED smart AI ThinQ TV 55 C1 offers. Great picture quality that can be found nowhere else. Mind-blowing self-lit pixels deliver perfect deep blacks and extraordinary color quality that reveal the perfect movie quality that you have always sought for all this time and here is the good news, this TV 55 C1 has it all, what you have always wanted.

The C1 series of televisions offer perfect deep blacks reveal the shadow of the darkest detail that is on the screen such that they are able to be seen well enough. This superb television has the perfect deep black and incomparable contrast quality that is powered by the self lit 8.3 million pixels that is built into the television to give you an out of this world picture experience.

No need of straining your healthy eyes trying to figure out what you might have seen on the television as this television offers a great deal of color set that deliver clear, clean and sharp picture quality. You get to discover the great deal of color detail that the normal televisions which you have been using have not been showing, you get to see what you have been missing. Make sure you don’t run around naked happily when you watch from this TV because the color quality is so beautiful and marvellous, it could literally make your mind blow up.

The IPS panel offers a wider viewing angle and you can get the same lion’s share of entertainment as you watch your movies, enjoy a beautiful gaming experience from any place in your living room, e.t.c.


The cinematic virtual 5.1 surround sound channel offers stupendous surround sound quality that leaves an immersive sound quality as you watch your movies and play your games, music, e.t.c.

It has a 2.2 channel with the DTS decoder which is a 5.1 channel decoding system that enables the compatibility of five speakers (left, right, center, surround left, surround right) and a subwoofer for greater sound experience.


This television has such a modern design that fits into your decor of your living room giving you a much better viewing experience. The slim design is what makes the television more appealing and beautiful and it is very easy to set up.

Gaming is one thing that most people can’t go without for a week and this television offers the impressive picture quality that adds more life and tangible imagery to the game that you might want to play.

The pixels all work together to give you an outstanding video and audio experience. Only LG is capable of making this possible with the NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility.

With this feature, gaming just got a lot better as the games you would play would feel more real than before.

It has three USB ports that enables you to connect your external hard drive like your mobile devices, flash drives, e.t.c to your smart AI ThinQ TV to share your media (movies, TV shows, music, photos) for a better and more immersive video and audio experience.

It has Four HDMI ports that transmit very high video and audio bandwidth (signals) at a crazy fast rate. This allows for a much better gaming and web browsing experience.

The a9 gen 7 intelligent processor is the most powerful processor that has been made and it is 50 percent faster than the 2017 OLED televisions. It optimizes the speed and picture quality, the graphics to deliver futuristic visuals right there in your OLED television for better entertainment, (movies, gaming, e.t.c.) The processor has everything, a four step noise reduction, blur optimization, an high frame rate support and image identification.

With the AirPlay, you can play music on your LG AI ThinQ TV and AI compatible speakers all at the same time in sync.

The AirPlay (For Apple devices alone) lets you share picture quality (Movies, photos, e.t.c.) from 4K to Dolby Vision picture quality from your Iphone, Ipad, Mac to your LG AI ThinQ TV.

It has an in-built satellite receiver and AV ports for your cable decoders and this television also supports DTV which allows for the digital rather than the normal ways of transmitting television signals.

The magic remote is just like a mouse for your smart TV and you can use the voice mate feature by activating it using the microphone button to use your voice to search for channels, change the channels and so much more.

It wouldn’t be called a smart AI ThinQ television if you couldn’t access the artificial intelligence feature. It supports the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which you can use with your voice and the intelligent voice recognition feature will make it do what you want from checking stock prices to what’s happening locally.

The web operating system enables the television to be able to browse with the aid of WI-FI connectivity and the a9 intelligent processor gives you a smooth web browsing experience.

This television has a limited one year warranty of parts and labour.


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