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LG 92 Liters One Door Silver Refrigerator | REF 131 White

Main Features

  • 92 liters
  • One Door
  • White Colour


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Main Features

  • 92 liters
  • One Door
  • White ColourTHE DIRECT COOLING PROCESS YOU NEED FOR YOUR HOMEThis is a feature mostly used in domestic one door refrigerators. They produce the cooling effect that’s done by a natural convection process where the surfaces in the insulated compartment is being cooled.

    What this entails is that it uses fans and other natural means to circulate even air so that your food items all get cooled properly and evenly. And when there is a power outage, it has cooling retention for many hours which safeguard the freshness of your product. It is less expensive and uses less energy and it is the ideal product for a small home. It uses less production and work and so uses less energy, so it’s an energy-saving product.


    It has a storage capacity for up to 92 liters. It might not be that large compared to other large freezers, but it is surely big enough to handle your groceries. This gives you the chance to reduce not so much your trips to the supermarket as with the two wire shelves it can handle many food items and because of it’s nature, if your food item was dripping, it wouldn’t stay on the shelf but go to the bottom, making it easier to clean it so that you can prevent having to remove all the food items before you can clean the wire shelf.


    It uses a well known technology that’s normally associated with rice cookers and this is used to control the rice cooker to go off when the food is done and in this case, this micro technology technology is also used in this refrigerator and this means you get to control the refrigerator anyhow you want with the Micom technology it has.


    The pocket handle is superb. There are many unhappy reviews or comments about the handles that other refrigerators had and the easiness of the handle to break was what caused these complaints and so LG had to do something about it and that is why they have made a horizontal pocket handle that is non-breakable. This feature has now pleased many customers and so they sought to get refrigerators that had this feature and the good news here is that this LG refrigerator in particular has it so that enables you to have the easy access to open it for years and years to come.

    It comes with an egg tray that you can use to store your eggs and cool it off in the fridge compartment so that it doesn’t spoil early and then affect the others if it’s stuffed somewhere else

    The transparent freezer compartment makes you able to see the content of the freezer and therefore choose to pick anything you’d love to take before opening it. With this feature you get to open it less and so reduce the cold air loss drastically.

    It also has a very maintainable body that is easy to preserve. It’s anti rust body keeps the refrigerator shining for years to come. This can be possible that after like five years, the refrigerator would still be looking as new as ever.

    It also has a lock and key feature that allows you to protect your food items from unwanted hands. With this feature you can easily lock the refrigerator without having to warn everyone in the house.


    This 92 liter refrigerator has the fastest ice making. The ice cube making is good as you can just throw it in your drink to chill it without having to put it in the freezer or fridge compartment and wait for it. So with the ice tray you can just put water inside and within little time your ice is ready to make any drink you want chilled. The fast freezing function not only spans ice but also your perishables mostly meat and fish that you love to eat on specific days. Keep it cool and fresh with the refrigerator that has the fastest freezing function.

    Compared to other refrigerators, defrost is actually manual. You’d have to wait hours before the ice would cool off and then clean it but not with this one, it has a digital auto defrost function that not only allows you to defrost the ice and make it clean, it is also helpful for your frozen food as with this feature you can easily defrost it without having to wait hours for strenuous thawing process.

    The low voltage stabilizer is great for the refrigerator as it protects it from going into a shock. The gap of voltage between 110 and 290 volts is the best and this can’t go lower or higher than the said gap and so your refrigerator is protected by sudden fluctuations of energy.


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