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LG AUD 5PK Meridian portable Bluetooth Speaker

58,500.00 68,500.00

  • Grab and go handle with 20W & 2 CH Speakers
  • Multi Bluetooth pairing
  • HD audio streaming
  • Battery lasts up to 18 hours
  • Improved bass sound with LED lighting
  • Water and weather resistant



With this portable LG Xboom 5PK speaker, you are sure to never get bored as you can simply take this light speaker anywhere you want and send the party vibes to everyone listening. From beaches, to swimming pools to event centres, you can take this along with you and host your party yourself.


It uses the newly developed meridian audio technology which redefines sound itself. The three dimensional sound is so unique, fancy and innovated that it just makes you to want to continue using it. It produces very high resolution audio that gives you the best digital sound experience anywhere you are even in the noisiest of places. I mean it! Sound that just makes you love that your favorite music and movie even more.

This portable speaker is the best and this will deliver the best bass quality, cleanest sound and the clearest vocal sounds that are just heard with ease, always heat up the party with the best LED lighting that it has. The bass quality is something you can feel and the strength of the bass is unique and it will add more energy and fun to your party.

Enjoy a consistent deliverance of high definition sound with this AUD PK5 meridian Bluetooth speaker.

Also you can double the rich and beautiful sound by pairing another of this awesome meridian speaker to yours. Get greater sound quality as you listen to not just one powerful speaker but two!


Yes, this awesome speaker lasts up to 18 hours of continuous use. This means you can party for as long as you want as you use this awesome speaker to entertain you.

Also don’t worry as your party is taken care of with the best meridian portable Bluetooth speaker as with the LED lighting, you can see the beat of the music as the LED light responds to the rhythm of the song playing making it like a portable disco that is having the best dance club in your hands.

Scared to go to a swimming pool with this awesome meridian Bluetooth speaker? Don’t worry, nothing will happen to it as this Bluetooth speaker is water resistant which makes the perfect choice for events like swimming pool parties. No matter how you splash water on it, nothing will happen so head towards the beach or swimming pool with this water resistant meridian Xboom speaker.


Turn this incredible and portable speaker into a Bluetooth speakerphone. Not only can you stream audio from your mobile device directly you can also use it to answer calls. Create the best and memorable conversations with your buddies with this meridian Bluetooth speaker as you can just answer calls just by pressing a button.

Never think of going through the stress of always disconnecting and reconnecting when pairing as this speaker has saved the day! Just get your friends to pair with the Bluetooth and create a playlist that will play all day and not even for one second will your party be interrupted.

Just use the awesome voice command that acts as the remote control for this awesome meridian speaker. Just with your voice pause or play your favorite song without having to use the speaker or your mobile phone at all.

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